Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tabata with a Twist

First and foremost I know that this is not a true  to the definition Tabata workout. I am only using the label Tabata in order to more easily explain how the timing of this workout will go. We are sticking with the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds (4 min) that are a part of Tabata by definition. But we are not going all-out-anaerobic with our moves today. 
Instead we are going to be alternating  2 moves in each 4 minute segment. The first move will be a power holding stance followed by move two that will involve fast strong movements. Trust me guys, it will be lots of fun!

As always remember to include a warm up and  a cool down with each workout. 

Round 1:
Wall Sit: gets those quads parallel to the ground
Broad Jump: get some distance in those jumps

Round 2:
Bottom of a Pushup: hold that body nice and low right over the ground!
Pushups: make em count!

Round 3:
Plank: core tight and engaged
Burpees: chest hits the ground and jump up

Round 4: 
Chair pose: squat low with arms straight up past your ears
Lunge Hops: make sure you are lunging in between those hops and not just skiing your legs back and forth

Take a one minute breather between each round.

There you go guys. Get out and challenge yourself with this awesomeness!