Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Workout Wednesday - Med Ball Fun!

I had some fun this morning with med balls in one of my small group bootcamp classes. This group tends to have a love hate relationship with the med balls. Love; because it is a great workout. Hate; because they are always sore afterwards.
As we wrapped up class I realized that I have yet to do a med ball workout for Workout Wednesday. I generally try to keep anything needed pretty simple and recognize that not everyone has med balls, but I have decided that plenty of people do and that they are easy enough to come by. I have also decided that if you don't just file this workout away for another day (like after Christmas when you get a med ball!)....but don't forget about it because you will love it!
As always be sure to include warm ups and cool downs with every workout. Use at least 10 minutes to get the body moving and feeling awesome. For this workout I would recommend a 10-15lb med ball, these are going to be smaller weighted balls. You will also need some space to throw the ball.

Wall balls: squat and throw the ball straight up against a wall as you stand. When it comes down catch it as you drop down into a squat. (I realize for those crossfitters out there that this is usually done with a larger ball, we are going to stick with the smaller balls though.)

Slam balls: from overhead throw the ball hard to the ground, squat and scoop it up before it bounces more than once.

Squat Jumps: squat and accelerate straight up.
18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of each

25 situps with your ball

Repeat the above sequence starting at 3 and going back up to 18.

25 more situps with your ball

Do it all with a heart pumping effort and a smile on your face!


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