Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Time Crunch Circuit

This week I have been revisiting the basics with a few clients. With so much going on a lot of my clients have been talking to me about simple workouts they can squeeze in. These workouts need to be efficient, in other words, we need to get as much done as possible in as little time as possible.
I love this idea....let's do it!

You will need a jump rope and a set of hand weights for this workout. These are essentials for home workouts. I can jump rope to get my heart rate up and moving without leaving the house or making much noise, it is great for nap workouts.

Time Crunch Circuit Workout:
Jump Rope 5 min (warm up)

15 Squats with shoulder press (think of this as a thruster with dumbbells)
15 Pushups with kickbacks
100 Jump Ropes
RPT 2x

15 Lunges with bicep curl
15 Renegade rows (each arm)
100 Jump Ropes
RPT 2x

30 sec Hollow rock
30 sec Superman
RPT 2x

I love workouts when I get my full body working and I can get my heart rate up.
Have fun!

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