Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Planks

Another Workout Wednesday! Today we are working on plank form and have a great plank workout for you.
I wanted to work on this for a couple different reasons today. 1) I am constantly hearing how good planks are for your core. But 2) I rarely see people preform them correctly. Then we take a plank and add time or some different movements and form really goes out the window.
A lot of people have a hard time feeling if their body is in the right spot, so do this next to a mirror or with a friend. If you are doing it with a friend pick on that is honest with you and more worried about helping you then hurting your feelings. Close enough is not good enough.

Here is a proper plank. She is preforming this on her hands, you can drop to your forearms, make sure that your elbows stay right below your shoulders, keep forearms straight and hands in a fist.

Below are pics of two of the most common mistakes I seem to be fixing a lot with my clients. These are caused by not bracing through the core and/or not squeezing through your glutes.

Start with getting into plank position and holding for 5-10 seconds, drop your knees and catch your breath, then go again. Do this a few times even if you are a "pro" at planks this will be a good refresher before hitting the workout.
Add this plank workout to one of your other workouts or at the end of some good cardio.

Center plank for 30 seconds
15 plank jacks
15 plank with corner to corner bunny hops

15 right side planks with a leg raise
Center plank holds for 15 seconds
15 left side planks with a leg raise

15 second right side plank hold
15 center plank with a center bunny hop
15 second left side plank hold

If you are feeling great at the end of that finish up with a time challenge. Hold that center plank with perfect form as long as possible. Have a friend help time you and watch that form.

Form is always important, it shouldn't be sacrificed for reps or time!

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