Sunday, July 26, 2015

What Am I About?

My husband is awesome at letting me bounce ideas off him, whether I want to or not. He loves to be involved and I truly appreciate it. I am a thinker though and have to thing through my answers before I open my mouth. Which I know drives him crazy, I can see it in his face that he thinks I have disregarded his questions when the reality is I will spend a few days thinking though them. He has tried to get me to delve more into what I am all about, what Pure Clean Fitness is. I recognize that this will grow naturally but I wanted to give a more of an intro to myself and my blog, Pure Clean Fitness.

I have been in gyms for longer than I want to admit. I started as a group fitness instructor, then moved into being a personal trainer, and a few years after certifying as a trainer I added certified nutritionist to my list. During this time I also completed a masters degree in social work. I worked for a few years with at-risk youth and kept the fitness world more as a hobby. After a few years I decided I needed a change and made the fitness world my career. With my education and back ground I have the opportunity to work with my clients on more than just training plans, workout routines, and nutritional guidance. I also get to delve into why they emotionally eat, what they do or don't get out of the gym, what good motivation is, etc.

After years of trying new things and finding my own path I have become a firm believer in balance. Pure Clean Fitness is all about keeping it simple and being real with yourself and those around you. For many of us that requires a mental reset; learning that the basics are pure and what all should be based off.
Pure Clean Fitness is not about 5% body fat and those awesome veins popping out. Instead it is about being functional and able to enjoy life. What is functional? Functional means that you can play with your kids, lift the dog food out of the trunk, and run away from danger if necessary.

In short, Pure Clean Fitness is all about keeping it simple and getting real.

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