Friday, August 28, 2015

Foodie Friday

My plan today was to try a new recipe out and blog on that with some nifty pictures. That plan got nixed between sick kids and a husband on day three of a 10 day cleanse. Instead I thought that I would approach Foodie Friday in a slightly different way.

Each week I teach 5-10 small group classes plus I meet one-on-one with 10-15 clients per week. With the variety of people I work with in these settings the question "what diet do you follow?" comes up often. Along with wondering what diet I follow I am also commonly asked what the best diet out there is. 
My answer, there is no best diet out there. I do not follow the Paleo crowd (even though my husband is a Crossfit coach), I am not a believer in IIFYM (if it follows your macros), I am not a vegan, instead I am just a good healthy food eater. I believe in lots and lots of fruits and veggies, very little processed treats, and I just let everything else fall into the middle. As an individual it is best for you to try out foods and diet plans in order to find what works for you. By this I do not mean what makes you drop the most weight by some crazy deadline in your head. No, what I mean, is what foods give you lasting energy and helps you feel great, what can you stick with, and what works for your lifestyle.
As you plan your meals this next week, or even as you frantically grab a snack while running out the door today, think about food that helps you feel great and that you can actually enjoy!


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