Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Legs Are Tired....

"My legs are tired," (insert very whiny voice here) complains my middle child as we attempt a family walk. This phrase grates on my every nerve every time it is uttered, which is a lot. 
My husband and I are both active people who love the outdoors. We have found joy, peace, excitement, etc as we have gotten out of the house and explored the world. We want our children to experience these same things, they don't always agree.

Don't get me wrong, there are times we all get out and do things together and I cherish these moments. This summer we all ran the American Fork Steel Days race. My eight year old ran with grammie, my husband pushed the two year old, and I got to actually race the 5k. During this time Uncle Matthew hung out with the five year old. After the 5k was done the two younger kids got their turn to race in the Tot Trot. It was such a fun morning!

That was a morning that helps to balance out the other 90% of the time where I am cajoling and bribing to get all three kids moving. I found a great article that talks about how I can be helping more, not just the standard answers but some new  things to think about. Simple things like parking a little further away. We have all heard this for ourselves but I have never thought about it in context of my kids. One of the other key components that I was so grateful this article touched on was the importance of you as a parent having a hobby. I have so many moms that come in for training that have to be convinced that it is okay for them to workout or really do anything for themselves. Parents, listen up!!!! You need to have hobbies, you need to show your kids that not only is it okay for you to have hobby it is fun and enjoyable!

Great article to read and enjoy! Think about it and take it to heart. What can you do for your own kids? I for one am going to start parking further away from the store entrance, not get the shopping cart until I am in the store, and see how many trips to the store it takes before the whining ceases.

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