Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Numbers Game

We have all played the numbers game as we get on and off the scale on a regular basis. For some that is every day (or even multiple times a day) for others it is once a week, once a month, or when the doctor makes us at our next appointment. The game comes when we let that number effect our mood or our day.
I have spent hours explaining to clients that a half a pound one day is not enough to decide not to eat for the rest of the day, add an extra run, or even to just give up all together. Instead that half a pound may mean that you need to go to the bathroom, add some water to a dehydrated body (I realize that this sounds wrong but it is true), or even just need to remember that fluctuations happen.
As I was running today I remembered the exact run a few years ago in which I decided some numbers are much more important than others. It was after getting my body fat tested and I left the health testing center very frustrated; no, I left down right pissed off. I had been training hard for my first half iron man and felt like I was in great condition. I left that afternoon questioning if I was in great condition and what more I could be doing.
The next day I was out running on the Jordan River Trail getting in a long run. I started out still pissed off and trying to think through what I needed to change. I was doing a 20 mile run that day. As I got to about mile 15 I started to think a lot more about what I was doing at that moment. I was 15 miles into a 20 mile run. My legs felt strong. My lungs and heart felt strong. I didn't need to change anything. Instead I needed to enjoy what I could do.
Since that day I have not let a number on scale ruin my day. I do have fun with the numbers. My husband laughs at me as I weigh myself right before I pee then again after, trying to guess what the difference will be by how badly I needed to pee. But that is a whole different numbers game.


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