Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Why should we care about our core? Because it is your foundation for every real life movement you do. There is no way to go through life without using it, unless you recently signed up for that NASA study requiring you stay in bed for months. 
Because we are constantly engaging our core it gets used a lot. All of your olympic power lifts use it, and while I do love doing snatches and overhead squats I still like to work my core.
Here is are six great core moves to add to your next workout.

 1) Plank (with or without the added weight): I know every one thinks that holding a plank for 10 minutes is the goal. It isn't. Once people start aiming for those long goals everything goes to pot. Instead focus on holding perfect form.
 2) V-Ups: Straight legs and flat back, hinging from your hips. If you need to modify this bend your knees to shorten your lever.
 3) Star Bursts: Start laying down with arms straight out. Coming up you are going to touch your toes with your opposite hand.

 4) Side planks: Keep your shoulder straight over your wrist. If you need to modify feel free to drop down to your elbow, but still keep that shoulder and upper arm in straight alignment.

  5) Supermans: this is going to help strengthen that low back. If it hurts to hold in this position go through the motion slowly without holding.

6) Russian twists: this can be done with or without weight. Balance on our rear with a flat back and add a smooth twist.

There you go! Add and enjoy!


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