Friday, September 4, 2015

Introducing Fit Fridays

I am so excited to announce something fun and new for Fridays!
Let me introduce you to Ruthie from Cooking With Ruthie and her amazing cooking skills. I have had the opportunity to train Ruthie since 2008. While continuing to do the gym thing we have also ran a marathon together and became great friends through it all. Ruthie let's me push her to new limits over and over, I love watching how hard she works!

Ruthie and I have decided to come together, combine our talents and knowledge to bring you Fit Fridays!

What do I mean by Fit Fridays? Ruthie will bring a great healthy recipe for you, I will bring you fitness tips, and together we will have a fantastically Fit Friday!

So join us every Friday here or at Cooking with Ruthie to get new healthy recipes and fun fitness tips!

Happy Fridays to all!

Nichole and Ruthie


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