Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's All Mental

Next weekend I am running the St. George Marathon with my mother-in-law. It is going to be a fun time and I am glad I am going to run with family and not have to push myself. Lately my mental toughness has been lacking greatly. Which got me looking more at what it means to be mentally tough and what I need to do in order to re-establish that fortitude before my next great event.

After putting in solid training time for my spring and not being able to give it my all for a few weeks in the summer I found that I had a hard time getting back on the road. The trails started calling my name more and more. I needed to get off the road, off the treadmill, not worry about splits or paces, and enjoy the mountains I call home. I wish that I would have done this right after the Ogden Marathon instead of forcing myself to continue in a rigorous training plan. I think that if I would have given myself the freedom earlier I would have been able to get back into the swing of things easier and earlier.

I also got very frustrated with my run in spring marathon. I was only a couple minutes off my goal time and should have been happy. Instead I was frustrated with the weather and my lack of being prepared. I should have walked away and chalked it up to a learning instead of letting the frustration weigh me down.

The frustrations and the ability I gave them to doubt myself brings me to my final item I need to instill, I need to envision success and that cannot happen as long as I let doubt over take. I need to feel confident in my ability to complete my goals and allow myself to envision the finish I seek.

After this marathon next week I will have some down time. I will allow myself to enjoy my running and just run to run, no races looming ahead. And I will spend plenty of time not only envisioning the finish I desire but kicking its ass!


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