Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Unconventional Workout Days

I am a busy mom with a busier two year old. There was a day when I could put him in the stroller and head out on a 5-8 mile run without too much complaining. Those days are no longer apart of my life.

 So now I either run before he wakes up or he get to go to the gym daycare. But then there are days like today, I am too busy early in the morning to sneak in a workout (twice a week I meet with clients starting at 4:30 in the morning) and the gym is just so unappealing. Now what?

Now we have a mom and little guy play date! My two older kids are in school, and therefore accounted for, which just leaves the two year old home with mom. I have routed out a 2.5 mile run to one of the city parks. I load up the stroller with a couple snacks and hand over my phone, Netflix ready. Once we get to the park I set him loose and he is happy as can be. Meanwhile I am continuing my workout at fun unconventional gym.

I start out on the bench doing pushups, dips, single leg lunges, and box hops.

Throw in pullups on the monkey bars and you have an awesome full body workout!

I rotate between all five lifts, completing 10-15 reps each time. I generally can get in 5 sets, but it all depends on how well the 2 year old is playing.

Follow this up with the run home and I get home feeling accomplished with a happy 2 year old!


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