Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Workout Wednesday...Loving Those Legs!

Yay! It is Workout Wednesday and time for a new workout to throw into the mix. No weights or fancy equipment here, just you and an awesome attitude required!

I love workouts that mix in heart racing moves with a few low key moves. Remember it doesn't matter if it is slow and steady or a move that is intended to get your heart racing it still needs to be done fully. This means no half squats or anything else of the sort!

50 jumping jacks (definitely going back to the basics with this one)
45 squats (don't speed through these, do them with purpose and make them count)
40 split jumps (this is a lunge and hop into a lunge on the other side, it is not just jumping those legs        forward and backward)
35 sumo squats (a lot of girls out there prefer to call these plie` squats)
30 ice skaters (get low, try to touch the ground on each side, and really explode as you jump from            side to side)
25 hip bridges (this is a key move to keep that hip complex engaged and balanced)
20 frog hops (low to the ground and explode)
15 alternating forward lunges (I know you are getting tired but bend those knees)
10 burpees (all the way to the ground here folks)

I did mine, now it is time to get yours done.
Happy Wednesday!


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