Sunday, October 4, 2015

Race Day

Yesterday was race day for my family and me. It wasn't a traditional race day here. I wasn't worried about my time. I wasn't worried about what time many of my friends would be passing that finish line. Instead it was a race that was all about family. I ran with my mother-in-law and it was all about that, running with my mother-in-law.
This was Cheryl's tenth St. George marathon, her goal was solely to get into the ten year club. She was excited about reaching that milestone, and I decided I wanted to be there with her when she reached that goal.
I have been running for about ten years and one of the great things about running is that it brings new opportunities with people. If you have ever ran consistently with someone you know what I mean, you get to know people when you run. I have ran with clients, friends, and family (although I don't think my little brother will ever run with me again). My husband and I had some amazing runs early in our relationship that helped bring us closer together. My best friend and I became friends through training for a marathon.
I also love running with people to see their determination and grit. Racing requires that you keep pushing when you are tired, running long distances means that you dig deep and get it done. This was something that was neat to watch with my mother-in-law yesterday, she was tired and hurting but she wanted to finish. She found that grit and kept on running.
One of the other great things about racing with Grammy was all of the fun family support. We knew we would get to see everyone about mile 16, and I looked forward to it for quite a few miles before that. My husband was there with ice and tums for me, the kids were there with hugs and bells, and my sister-in-law, Lacey, was there with a supplies for Cheryl. That love and support can help anyone's feet feel lighter and keep on moving.

All in all yesterday was a very successful day! A day filled with challenges and lots of love!


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