Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Workout Wednesday - Chipper

Today we are doing what is called a chipper workout. A chipper workout is one where it is best not to look at the WHOLE workout and get overwhelmed, instead you just focus on a little bit at a time. If this still doesn't make sense keep reading and it will.

I like to throw these workouts in every once in a while for a couple different reasons. 1) People get bored quick, they like things to constantly be changing. So a workout like this, where you have some higher numbers to get through is good for the brain. It makes you fight that urge to constantly switch from thing to thing. Stick with one movement and focus on it until you are done with it! 2) If you read my blog on Sunday I talked about being able to do hard things. This type of workout give you a sense of accomplishment and helps reinforce the thought that you can do hard things.

With all of that said, let's get to the workout! I am throwing in pics of some exercises we haven't done. Everything else we have done.

100: Jumping Jacks
90: Squats
80: Situps
70: Walking Lunges
60: Plank with Corner Hops
                  Really focus on getting those feet up to your hands

50: Pushups
40: Donkey Kicks
                 I prefer to do this with a wall behind me so that I am                           kicking my feet up on the wall

30: V-Ups
20: Lunge Hops
10: Burpees

Remember, you have to work hard and earn your goals. I am constantly reminding my clients that we love a challenge, that is how we grow and get better!


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