Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Workout Wednesday - Track Time!

Yes folks, you read that title right, it is a day for the track. Why? Because we love new/hard things. Because the track offers a lot of great opportunities. Because the weather is perfect to be outside and working hard.
My bootcamp group met at the local high school track Tuesday morning this week. I left with a lot of good responses and a satisfied feeling. It made me realize how often I don't take advantage of living within a couple miles of two high schools with great tracks.
Remember to warm up before every workout, it will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

We are doing a slightly different version of sprint the straight-aways and walk the curve. Instead of walking the curves we are going to lunge through the curves.
Go around the track one time like this.

Now it is time to change gears and head to the bleachers...I can feel your excitement from here.
20 dips
20 pushups
Run those steps
15 dips
15 pushups
Run those steps
10 dips
10 pushups
Run those steps
5 dips
5 pushups
Run those steps

Back to the track and repeat your straight-aways and curves drill around the track.
Finish with one final HARD SOLID push around the track. After this last lap go straight into walking a lap.
Finally finish with a great sense of satisfaction and a job well done! If it seemed really hard, well good, it was supposed to be a solid effort workout.


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