Sunday, November 8, 2015

Allergy Mom Failures

As an allergy mom I do the best I can, at least I think I do. Then I read about these mom's that are always prepared with the perfect snack at all times. Last night was one of my fails...

I came into the allergy game a little late, my step-daughter was 5 when her dad and I started dating. Since then I have learned all about the gluten free and allergy sections at the grocery store. I have learned about how to replace certain ingredients in recipes. And I have filled my brain full of "Addy safe" recipes.

Last night we went to a neighborhood function, a chili cook off and fall carnival. I checked with a neighbor ahead of time and found out all of the ingredients in their chili. Allergy free, perfect. I took the kids 30 minutes late to avoid the initial line up. We were presented with rows and rows of options, we went to the one option I knew we didn't have to worry about and what did I was the only one gone. Seriously?! Addy's dinner consisted of tortilla chips....FAIL!!!

For the next hour she ate suckers and cotton candy....FAIL!!!

We balanced it out a bit when we got home. But once again I felt I should have been more prepared. Is it possible to be prepared for every single thing? How do other allergy moms do it? As a mom I feel like there are many FAIL moments and that doesn't even need to include allergy fails, I really need to figure out a way to circumvent them all!


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