Sunday, November 22, 2015

Injured vs Hurt

I have decided that people can be placed in three categories when it comes to workouts and injuries. The first two groups are pretty common but the third type of person is much harder to find.

Group one is a large part of the population; there is no hurt just injured and every ache or pain is reason to not workout.

Group two is a smaller part; there is not injured just hurt. This group doesn't know what it means to slow down or let injuries heal. They try to push through everything, thinking that enough vitamin I (ibuprofen) will cure it and they will be ready for whatever lies ahead. That is until they are injured enough there is no slowing down, instead it is just stopping because running on a broken leg just won't work.

Group three is a rare group; this is the group that actually knows their body enough to know and respect if they are injured or hurt. They know when it is okay to push through and when it is a good day to do some yoga instead of that 10 mile trail run.

I have had to grow into group number three, don't get me wrong I have days where I rotate which group I am in. I definitely have days where I am looking for an excuse to stay home and not workout or get in my run. I also have days where I wake up and say "screw it" and head out the door even though I know I shouldn't.
But this week I realized I have gotten much better at listening to myself and taking the extra hour of sleep in hopes that I little more rest will help things feel better. Wahoo to me! It might just be the pregnant me that is making me be smarter about such decisions, but I will take it!
Now I will be curious to see if  I could keep being smart and staying in group three, listening and respecting my body. Especially since I am already planning my post baby marathon.

So....back to the original question, how do you know the difference between hurt vs being injured?

Some of the questions I ask:
1) Can I pinpoint an exact spot? (injured)
2) Does it get worse as you get going? (injured)
3) Do you feel sore? (hurt)
4) Now the hard question; will get it worse if you keep going? (injured) This is the hard question because I have seen people talk in circles to get to whatever answer they are hoping for.

Here is to hoping we all get smarter, get to know our bodies better, and listen to our bodies.


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