Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Workout Wednesday! Its Partner Time!

Today is a partner workout. I am very much a solo workout person, but I realize that adding a partner in can add a little oomph to your workout. The trick with a lot of people is finding the balance in your socialization time. Remember, use partners to increase competition and help you push a little harder, not to make your workout take twice as long because you get talking so much. Save your taking for recovery times or for post workout.
If you are going at it alone today you will need a timer. Time how long each movement takes you, that is how long you will hold for.
For every move 1 person is doing the workout while the other is holding a position.

Round 1:
Hold: Wall Sit
Movement: Broad jump width of basketball court. Sprint back.
Repeat so that each partner does the hold and the movement 3x

Round 2:
Hold: Hollow Rock
Movement: 10 pushups with corner hops
Repeat 3x

Round 3:
Hold: Supermans
Movement: 10 burpees
Repeat 3x

Round 4:
Hold: Plank
Movement: Length of basketball court sprints 2x
Repeat 3x

If you are just starting out try to go through everything once the first time. If that feels great go back through it. We all have to start somewhere.


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