Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Week Of Balance

Life has been crazy at my house and I am sure that is the same story for many. My husband and I finally gave up on finishing up the Christmas shopping without the 3 year old. Instead we took him with us and slyly hid presents under coats while Ryker ran down the different toy aisles finding new treasures around every turn. And the craziness is sure to continue for the next few days. Which brings me to the thoughts I had this morning as I sat curled up on my couch, coffee in hand, enjoy the silence of a sleeping household.

While our health and fitness is important, it cannot come before other things in life. You have to find a balance in life in order to enjoy all of life. There was a time I would have planned this week out. I would have stressed about the holiday treats at the various family parties. I would have worried about getting in my workouts, not because I enjoyed the mental break or the feeling it gave me but because it stressed me out to miss workouts. Life is different now, and with that difference I find that I smile a whole lot more.

I still may dread going to those family parties, but it has nothing to do with the food that will be there. Instead it is simply because I would rather be home with my wonderful husband and crazy kids enjoying time together.

I may really try to figure out a way to sneak in a run, but it has nothing to do with a necessity to burn calories. Instead I will sneak in my runs in order to keep sanity within my mind and enjoy the feeling of my legs propelling me through life.

I may seemed frazzled at times this week but I also know that I will have a smile in my heart the whole time. I encourage all of you to find that own balance in your life. Find the balance that will bring peace to your soul and a smile to your heart.

Merry Christmas everyone!