Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Workout Wednesday - Weighted Bar Fun

Hello all! It is Workout Wednesday, one of best days of the week! It is freezing cold at my house and the bitterness is keeping me inside today. All of my workout is going to be completed with a weighted bar.
I have been working out a little lighter and little less these days. Because I am not pushing any body part too hard any day and I am taking days off in between lifting I have been sticking with full body workouts. Much better with this pregnant body.
Today's workout has 5 moves, all done with the bar. All of my clients are very familiar with these movements, I use them a lot.

Movement 1:
Squat and Push (also known as a thruster)
Movement 2:
Weighted Straight Leg Situps
Movement 3:
Overhead Walking Lunges
Movement 4:
Bicep Curls
Movement 5:
Lying Tricep Extensions with Leg Drops

1 minute of each movement. Go straight into the next movement, no breaks.
Run .25 easy, .25 hard, .25 easy.

Repeat 3-5x.


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