Sunday, January 31, 2016

Counting Those Bites

I have been asked numerous times about tracking calories over the last couple of weeks. Do I recommend it? Do I track my calories and food? My answer is this. I recommend tacking for a few days every once in a while. Track when you are wondering about weight gain, energy levels, etc. But do I recommend tracking all the time for the rest of your life? NO!

We live in a day where food has become an obsession. Too many people stress about what they are going to eat and when. And for way too many this obsession leads to very a very unhealthy life, I know this all too well. For many people this obsession doesn't lead down the path of full blown eating disorder but it does lead to an unbalanced life.

Tracking every bite you put in your mouth does not help you find balance in this maddening life. Instead it leads to a constant debate of what you have eaten, what you can "afford" to eat, and questioning if you really want to write that down. That is not healthy or sane.

Now, I did say there are times I have my clients track their food for a few days. Generally this is used with new clients that are just starting on their get healthy path or with clients that have had some unanswered weight gain or have not been feeling like their normal selves. This helps to see what changes need to be made and just a good overall awareness. It opens up the eyes to my mom's that constantly clean their kids plates....who would have thought all those extra bites could lead to an extra 500 calories? It explains why lunch at the nearest fast food place is hindering one's ability to lose weight and why you feel so sluggish in the afternoon. 

Back to the original question; do I track? Only when needed and only for a short period of time. Do I recommend tracking? Only when needed and only for a short period of time.

Remember, my big focus is how to live healthy and balanced. You can't be balanced with the rest of your life if you are constantly stressed about tracking your food. Your brain has too many other things to keep in check.

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