Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's Talk About The Bedroom...How Does It Fit In To Your Healthy Life?

I have started and restarted this post over and over again, not knowing how to start but knowing where I want to go. So let's just jump into the middle....what am I talking about! Why? My husband and I are healthy active adults, sex is an important part of our relationship. I have said from the beginning that I am writing to talk about health and fitness in a balanced and healthy way and relate it back to my own life. A healthy sex life is part of that balance and definitely a part of my own life.

I am probably going to be coming back to this subject in future posts, today I just wanted to share a few thoughts. But as I have done some reading this week I have come across some fascinating articles and a lot of interesting research. Sex and fitness definitely go together and support each other. 

One important benefit of working out is "greater body appreciation", in other words, we feel better about our bodies. I am also going to throw into this one the idea that we get to know our bodies better. This is not a benefit just for the super fit or super skinny. No, this is a benefit that many of my clients have told me about after just a few workouts. When we feel better about ourselves that confidence is also felt by our partner and comes out in a sexual aspect of our relationship. We start to feel more desirable and let our partners share in that new found desirability and confidence more. Don't get me wrong, I still get self-conscious and tend to giggle a bit when my husband asks to look at and appreciate my naked body. But come on....who wouldn't?

As we get to know our bodies more we become more in-tune we get to what feels good. I am a big believer in knowing your body. It helps you have better form when you workout, recognize injured vs hurt, helps you get the nutrients that your body craves, and yes it helps you enjoy sex more.

Along with some of these important things there are a variety of health benefits to sex, I am going to bring up two that I found important but there are are stacks of research articles out there that also discuss how sex prevents different types of cancer, helps reduce diabetes 2, and many many more health concerns.

The two that I found myself reading more about were heart health and better sleep. I tuned into these two benefits because these are two benefits of exercise that I find myself discussing with my clients quite often.

Whenever I have a client ask me how much cardio they need to do I give them the guidelines given by the American Heart Association, and tell them just for a healthy heart this is what you need to do. Apparently I should also add to those guidelines, you should also be having sex at least twice per week. One study I read stated that men who had sex at least twice per week were half as likely to have a heart attack. 

Its the end of a long day, the kids are in bed, my husband takes my hand and starts leading me up the stairs asking me to come put him to sleep. Turns out this is more than just a cute little line, sex does help you fall asleep at night. Why? Because the hormone prolactin is released, prolactin leads to feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. So when you can't fall asleep tonight ask your partner to help out. 

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