Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Workout - Tabata Basics

Wahoo!!!! First Workout Wednesday of the year. Let's make it count and start this year off right! My small group fitness classes are all geared toward the same thoughts, let's do the basics and do them right! What is a great way to get the basics done? I hope you all guessed TABATA!!!! For those of you that haven't discovered the joy of Tabata here is a quick explanation. Each round consist of 4 minutes. This is a 20 second HARD push followed by a 10 second breather, repeated 8 times.
Back to the basics means that you are focusing on PERFECT form, not a number not trying to beat your friend, but PERFECT form doing the best that you can do.

Before we get into the meat of the workout be sure to warm up. This should consist of 5-10 minutes of easy cardio, stretching whatever feels tight, and going through some easy full range of motion movements to make sure those joints are moving and are ready to go.
An example of a good warm up I do with my small group classes: 3 laps around the basketball court, lunges to half court with hip stretches in between (pull that knee up to your chest in between lunges), 10 toe touches, 10 slow-deep squats, and 10 full push ups (knees are fine).

Now.....let's get that heart rate up and moving:
We are going to be doing 4 rounds today. Each round will consist of 2 movements that we will alternate between, which means that we will be using 8 different movements today.

Round 1:
Push ups: get your chest to the ground
Squats: your butt needs to get to parallel at a minimum

Round 2:
Dips: use a chair or bench, keep elbows back, and get parallel
Lunges: get your knee to the floor

Round 3:
Sit ups: aim for all the way up
Squat Hops: remember to get low, this isn't just jumping

Round 4:
Superman: hold for the 20 seconds
Mountain Climbers: keep strong plank form and get those knees up into your chest

When you are done walk around and do some light stretching. Then smile because you had an awesome workout!

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