Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Circuit Time

It is time for another fun round of workouts. I have been stuck on a treadmill at the gym and need to mix it up a bit. I have also found that I have limited amounts of energy to get everything in, so I need to make the most of the energy reserves I have. A few short months ago I was enjoying my steady routine now that routine has needed to be adjusted, I just don't have the energy to complete much more than weights OR running, can't do both.....unless....I combine them for one great workout instead of two great workouts. So let's do it!!!!

Run and Lift - Circuit Time

5-10 min warm up
Jog 1 min
Run 2 min
Sprint 1 min
15 squats with bicep curls
15 dips
15 v-ups
15 pushups
Repeat 3x
Run 1 min 0%
Run 2 min 2.5%
Run 1 min 5%
10 sumo deadlifts with upright row
10 lunges with front shoulder raises
10 supermans
10 narrow pushups
Repeat 3x
Cool Down


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