Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting it Done Together

With it being Valentines Day I woke up thinking about some of the great reasons that my husband and I fit together so well and what brought us together in the first place. 

Before I ever met Rory I was asked by a friend if I would ever date someone that was overweight. I answered pretty honestly with a no but then explained. I am a busy active person, I want to be with someone else that understand and respects that. I want to be with someone that wants to go hiking with me, that can go for a run with me and just chat (some of my best conversations happen while running), and someone that will see me get up at 4am on a Sunday in order to get in a 20 mile training run before it gets hot and respect that. I found all of those things in my husband.

Early on in our relationship we went on a 17 mile snowy run. We talked about life and all of those things you talk about early on. We pushed each other through the cold and finished together happily. Since then we have done marathons together, ran Kings Peak 2x, hiked to various summits and enjoyed the views sitting side by side at the top. We have also done every day training together. Knowing when to push each other and when to just have fun together.

Since Rory and I first got together he has sent me the most amazing text messages race mornings. Knowing exactly what I need as I get ready to push hard. He gives me encouragement, reminds me of who I am, and expresses it all in such a way that I know he is proud of me no matter what. I love those prerace texts and wait for them anxiously at the start line.

Our love for life and our need to be active was one of the things that brought us together. We don't get to train together as much as we would like these days, too many little ones at home. But we still support each other and take advantage of the times where it does work for us to get out together. I can't wait until we are the cute old couple still going to the gym together, or going on adventures hand-in-hand to explore the world.

I hope that you all have someone to go on adventures with!

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