Sunday, February 7, 2016

My body - My friend

One of my old clients sent me this quote earlier this week, I love it! It has been one of those that I have thought on throughout the week. It is also one of those quotes that I wish more people understood, believed, and lived.
So, the question for the morning; are you a friend to your body? To answer that I think you have to really think about what it means to be a friend both in general and to your body. I asked my family what it means to be a friend and here are some of the responses that I got:

 5 year old:
-You play with them
-You be kind to them
-And you let them play with you and other friends

I loved the images that play brought to my mind. Do you play with your body or do you make it sit on the couch for hours on end? Do you force it to do 30 min of cardio or do you get to go for runs?

My husband:
-Be reliable and loyal

Reliable is the word that stuck out in my mind. Living a healthy life on a consistent daily basis vs. being a weekend warrior and going on crash diets.
As a runner the idea of being loyal to your body brought up some different images. Do I run my race or do I run the race of the annoyingly perfect neighbor? When I jump on the treadmill do I stay true to my workout that morning or do I peak at what the person next to me is doing and try to keep up even though I shouldn't.

9 year old:
-Don't fight with them
-Nice to them

Do you trust your body? When it says I can do something do you try or do you let your mind talk you out of it? Do you fight with your body? When your body is injured to try to make it run, lift, jump, etc. anyways?

My challenge to you is to become a friend to your body! Practice all the little things that entail being a friend and really try to live in such a way that your body is truly your friend and your ally in life.

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