Sunday, February 21, 2016

Simple Math Simply Doesn't Work

I love learning and researching. Whenever I hear about some new thing or some recent study I am looking it up. I want to get the specifics and see how they got the conclusions, not just what the conclusions were. I take the same approach with supplements and everything in the like. I loved school and I still love to learn. With all of that being said, I read interesting articles on a regular basis, especially from well repudiated sources. One site that I have discovered is Precision Nutrition, I do not have a certification through them but still thoroughly enjoy their information.

I wanted to share some thoughts on an article I read this week....and loved! You can find the article on the Precision Nutrition site, It was all about the fact that simple math does not work with our complex bodies. We cannot rely on Calories In vs Calories Out to determine our weight loss. Yes, on a simple scale that is absolutely true, but there is so much more to it all than that. I am not going to go into all aspects of the article, but would definitely encourage you to read it. What I wanted to talk about instead were a few points that peaked my interest.

1) The type of food you eat DOES matter. I get clients that come in justifying eating half a batch of cookie dough while making cookies that day because "it was within their calories" or "I saved all my points for it today." Seriously people?!

2) Body change is not the same for everyone. I have worked with so many different clients throughout the years. There are some, although very few, that make a couple little changes and goals are met quickly. There are others that seem to be killing themselves and trying their absolute best and their goals take quite a bit of time to reach (these are the ones that I really help focus on smaller goals).

As always, the better you know your body the better off you are. It will be easier to make better, solid,  realistic goals if you know what you are working with.

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