Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Journey

My little guy and I go to the gym together about 3 times a week. During this time he goes to the daycare while I get to do my thing. I have learned that it is in my best interest to find the closest possible parking spot to the daycare exit, especially in the winter. Ryker loves to stop at pick up rocks, throw pine cones, jump in puddles, eat snow (no matter how dirty and gross it looks), etc. This adventure can take 15 minutes before we get to the car. Some days I am much better than others at letting him explore, other days I am hungry or in a hurry and end up just picking him up to bypass the adventure.

How often do we let ourselves enjoy our adventures any more? How often do we stop to enjoy what is going on around us? I am a runner. I am happy on my feet, it doesn't matter if my feet are carrying me on trails or roads, that is where I am happy. My pregnancy has slowed me down and allowed me to enjoy the journey more and more. But how often do I get focused on miles, numbers, times, etc and miss out on where those miles are leading me? 

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of clients training for races. Many times people come to me with a time goal. We set up their training plan and meet regularly to see how things are going and make adjustments as needed. Every once in a while I get some one who is so focused on the time goal that they are missing out on the running, and even beginning to dislike the running because training isn't going as planned. What needs to change? Attitude, instead of running for time for a while run somewhere new and look around. Recognize the amazingness of where your very own feet can take you. 

As adults our life becomes way too focused on our end game. Slow down and enjoy the journey. Obviously this applies way more than to just running but, as I am sure you have heard many times, running is a great metaphor for life. 

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