Thursday, February 4, 2016

Workout Wednesday - 50s...Homestyle

Yay! It is Wednesday, which means it is Workout Wednesday. A new challenge to add to the mix. The weather here has been less than pleasant which makes me not want to go outside, but it does make working out a bit nicer because I know that for at least a little bit I am going to get toasty warm.
I have a busy morning this morning between meeting with clients and taking a mom break with a friend later to go to the museum, so I know that a morning workout is not going to happen. This wouldn't even be worth acknowledging if the gym had daycare past noon, but it doesn't. So today's workout is one that you can do from home. That way I know I can get it done while my little guy is taking a nap this afternoon. With all that said....let's get it done!

50 situps
50 walking lunges
50 pushups
1 min cardio push (this can be whatever your heart desires. Example jump rope, run stairs, jumping jacks, etc)
50 russian twists
50 squats
50 dips
2 min cardio push
50 supermans
50 sumo squats
50 shoulder touches from plank position
3 min cardio push

As always, be sure to include a 5-10 min warm up and cool down. I get that it is tempting to skip one or both of these sometimes, but your body needs it!
Enjoy the workout! I know that I will!

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