Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Workout Wednesday - All About the Clock

For today's workout you will need some hand weights, a timer, and a ready-set-go attitude! We are going to be combining a plyo move and a slower weighted move to get that body grooving today. Straight plyo workouts are a bit taxing on the body. Most people generally end up cheating themselves with bad form or not really completing the desired time, that is why we are mixing up the plyo moves with  weighted slower moves.

You have 4 sequences. You will complete sequence one for 1 min each move, 1 min recovery, 45 sec each move, 45 second recovery, and 30 sec each move then move on to sequence 2. The goal is to move straight from move one to move two before you take any recovery.


Round 1:
Squats with a shoulder press: squat down and as you stand complete the shoulder press
Bounding: squat and explode forward

Round 2:
Pushups: get that chest to the ground!
Burpees: be sure to have that jump in there

Round 3:
Side Lunges with Bicep Curl: planted leg stays straight
Ice Skaters: stay low with that side jump

Round 4:
Dips: get low
Mountain Climber: get that knee high and tucked into your chest

Work hard and enjoy sweet success of a solid workout when you are done!

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