Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Loving Me Some Running

I know it sounds crazy, but running is something I am still able to do and enjoy. The trick do this is that I have to do it first thing in the morning, by mid morning I am already getting tried and uncomfortable.
If I don't run early I can still get it done, as long as am doing short spurts, which is exactly what this workout is all about.

This is a treadmill workout, playing with inclines as we go. As you warm up find a comfortable pace that you can maintain, the goal is to get through the intervals without adjusting your speed at all.

1 min 2%
1 min 4%
1 min 6%
1 min 8%
1 min 10%
30 sec 8%
30 sec 6%
30 sec 4%
30 sec 2 %

Slow the pace down to 1.0 mph and complete walking lunges for 1 min

Jump off and complete:
15 pushups
15 rotating side planks (15 each side)

15 tricep pushups (15 each side)

Back on the treadmill! Repeat 4x!

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