Sunday, March 13, 2016

Live Life Like a Champion

I saw this quote yesterday and it got me thinking. Do I really have to suffer to live life like a champion? And if so how much do I have to suffer? And what does it really mean to suffer? I will be hones, I didn't and still don't really like this quote. I think a lot of my dislike comes from all the connotations that come with suffering. When I hear of suffering I don't feel like any joy or happiness can live in the same space at the same moment. I don't want to live a life of suffering and miss the daily moments of joy. So I started thinking and doing some reading on what it means to live life like a champion. Here are a few things that stuck in my brain.

1) Have a goal. This needs to be a very clear and precise goal. Notice I say goal, not dream. A goal means that you have a plan. You know what the end is but you also have some knowledge and understanding on the path needed to get there.

2) Motivation. You need to have a strong reason why. If you have no reason to continue to work for your goals you simply won't. When things get hard or when something sparkly catches your attention you will find yourself no longer on the path towards your goal.

3) Train hard and long. I realize this is where people get the idea that you need to suffer, but I feel like you can find some joy in the process. Sure it is going to be hard, but learn to embrace the hard. Learn to find small moments of glory as you reach those smaller stepping stones. Numerous studies show it takes 10 years of study and work to become an expert on something. During those 10 years I want to recognize the achievements I have made and find at least some happiness in those moments.

4) Go the extra mile. Don't be happy to complete what everyone else has, you need to push yourself beyond what everyone else has completed.

5) Test yourself. Competition pushes you to become better and shows you what your weaknesses are. If you want to be a champion you have to test yourself against others that are also seeking to become a champion. This will help you hone your skills and truly become the best, truly become a champion.

If you notice I did not use the word suffer once. It is hard work to become a champion, absolutely. But look at find your path and consider all the hard work that will be required, not just at the suffering you will be surrounded with.

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