Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Workout Wednesday! The Name Game

Hello everyone! Workout Wednesday is here. I wanted to share a workout I do with some of my small group classes, The Name Game. The challenge to this workout is simply that it is different for everyone because we all have different names.
The concept is pretty easy. Below I have the alphabet listed out, next to each letter is an exercise. For the first round you are going to take the first 5 letters of your name and complete each of the exercises. This also brings up the second challenge to this workout, sometimes you end up with a lot of similar exercises just because of how the letter follows. Oh well!

A: 50 jumping jacks
B: 25 squats
C: 30 pushups
D: 50 situps
E: 25 switch jumps
F: 30 plank jacks
G: 1 min wall sit
H: 30 plank with shoulder touches
I: 20 v-ups
J: 30 dips
K: 20 side planks with rotations (each side)
L: 30 donkey kicks
M: 90 sec wall sit
N: 50 jumping jacks
O: 40 squat hops
P: 25 burpees
Q: 25 situps
R: 50 pushups
S: 25 v-ups
T: 40 switch jumps
U: 50 plank jacks
V: 20 burpees
W: 50 squats
X: 2 min wall sit
Y: 20 plank with bunny hops
Z: 40 pushups

Now that we have the letters and the moves let's talk about the workout.
Round 1: first 5 letters of your name. As soon as you complete that run 400 meters.
Round 2: last 5 letters of your name backward. (My last name ends with an E so that is where I would start). Run 400 meters
Round 3: first 5 letters of your mom's name. Go run again....400 meter.
Round 4: first 5 letters of your dad's name. Finish up with one more hard 400 meter run.

Remember to have fun and work hard!

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