Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Prego and in the Pool

I am less than 4 weeks to c-section date, but really wouldn't mind if baby girl came a bit sooner. I am getting pretty uncomfortable and struggling to enjoy some of the aspects of pregnant belly. During my first pregnancy I was swimming quite a bit, but haven't kept up with it as much this time. I still thoroughly enjoy swimming and as I walked towards the indoor track the other day I was wishing I would have brought my swimming suit.
Before we talk about a swimming workout for Workout Wednesday let's talk about why. Swimming is a great low impact workout. It is easier on the joints, especially when you are carrying extra weight. (I have definitely noticed the extra weight after running). Along with those benefits swimming also helps with circulation and that gross bloated feeling. Swimming will help that whole body feel better while giving your muscles and cardio a great workout!
I have participated in quite a few triathlons, so I have done my fair share of swimming workouts. As with all workouts make sure that you pick your level. If you aren't up to swimming lots of laps, do what you can do.

Warm Up-
Aqua jogging for 10 minutes. If you have a pool with a shallow lane enjoy going back and forth, if that isn't an option stay in place at the shallow end.

Workout- (25m pool)
Swim one lap (whatever stroke you feel best doing)
Using a noodle, lean back and kick down and back
Swim one lap (stroke of choice)
15 water jumping jacks
15 pushups on side of pull
RPT 5x

Aqua jogging for 10 more minutes. Alternating 30 sec easy and 30 sec hard.

Cool Down-
2 laps of easy kicking using a noodle leaning back.

Enjoy the pool! You don't have to be pregnant to get in the pool for a great workout. This is a great way to mix it up for everyone!

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