Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Treadmill and Abs

It's another Wednesday and I am a little closer to having a baby. I am still working working out regularly, but very modified and very scaled back. Lately I have been having ab envy, obviously something I am not working on slimming down at the moment and certainly not able to work on any sort of muscle definition. Ab envy is leading me to this week's Wednesday Workout.
Remember awesome abs is not just about a billion situps. You have to include great nutrition and cardio to get those killer abs. I am not going to talk about the nutrition part here but I am including the cardio part.
Treadmill and abs time folks!
For the treadmill section find a pace that you can maintain for a long period of time, but one that you are also working pretty decently at. We are going to be doing incline work today and the goal is to NOT touch the speed at all as we go through the inclines. You got this!

1 min flat
1 min 1%
1 min 2%
1 min 3%
1 min 4%
1 min 5%

Jump off and complete the following ab workout:
20 Russian Twists
15 Situps
10 Single Leg V-Ups
5 Leg Drops

Back to the treadmill!
Complete this 4 times. And have fun!

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