Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Very Pregnant Style

Up until now I have modified workouts as needed on my own, today I am laying it out exactly as I will do it. Mostly this means slower movements and lighter, feel free to go as heavy as you need to. Just remember, stick with the slower paced reps and proper form.

Being pregnant does not mean I have to stop working out, it goes mean I need to pay attention to my exertion level, breathing, and form. It used to be you had to watch your heart rate, but now the doctor tells me to make sure I am staying in "second gear" and not pushing up to "third or forth gear." I have loved this, I hated wearing my heart rate monitor all the time during my last pregnancy.

I have backed off quite a bit in my normal weekly routine, especially with weights. I find that weights are generally uncomfortable and I only so much energy to go around. I love running and find my sanity there, so running wins out more often than not. Generally I run 4 days a week (about 25 miles/week), I teach 3 cycle classes a week, and I lift 2-3 times a week (these are shorter sessions at 20-30 min each).  In these weight sessions I do a lot of things to work on balance (mine is pretty limited), use dumbbells (bars get in the way), and focus on slow and steady.

Here is what we are doing for today's workout:

Run 1/2 mile or 5 minutes of another cardio activity

15 single leg deadlifts with a bicep curl
15 pushups
15 dips
RPT 3x

Run 1/2 mile or 5 min of cardio

15 sumo squats with upright row
15 shoulder presses
15 overhead tricep ext
RPT 3x

Run 1/2 mile or 5 min cardio of choice

15 reverse flyes
15 side lunges to balance
15 bird dogs
RPT 3x

I know I have said it a few times...focus on slow and steady! This
isn't a speed through and keep your heart rate up workout. This is a slow and steady and keep your muscles engaged workout.

Have fun!!!!

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