Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Reason To Exercise While Pregnant

As you have all figured out by now, being pregnant has not stopped me from running, spinning, or doing weights. It has slowed me down and changed things up a bit from my pre-pregnancy schedule, but I have not stopped! When asked about it I generally just laugh it off and say that I am stubborn. Most of us have heard a lot of reasons why it is better to stay active when pregnant.

1) Helps with recovery
2) Decrease some of the uncomfortable parts of being pregnant. Notice I did not say that exercise will magically make all of that uncomfortableness go away. I still feel very large, my low back starts to hurt a bit by the end of the day, and breathing becomes interesting depending on where baby girl is hanging out in there.
3) Research shows that exercise decreases gestational diabetes. 
4) Exercise is a great stress reliever.
5) You want to build your stamina and be ready for labor and delivery. One of my bootcamp ladies has a baby 8 weeks ago. A few days after getting home she sent me a text thanking me for helping her get ready to endure 30 hours of labor and still be pushing at the end. 
6) And now there is another reason....researchers have decided that love for exercise begins in the womb. Seriously?!

One of my favorite places to get interesting articles from is Breaking Muscle. This week I was stretching after running 6.5 miles and looking through my phone when I came across an article posted by Breaking Muscle, "Love for Exercise Begins Right in the Womb, Says Researchers." I am not going to go through the research here, if you are interested in it I would highly encourage you to go read it. Instead I am going to celebrate how wonderful that is to me!

I want my kids to find joy in moving, pushing themselves, being outside, etc. This becomes more and more of a battle as electronics become more available. We have set limits on "personal electronic time." We have pushed the kids out the door on nice days stating "no friends in the house today, it is too nice." And now I find out that I don't have to wait until they are here to start encouraging being outside and being active, I can start influencing those decisions while they are still in my belly!  Being a mom is amazing!!!!

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