Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Run and Stretch

The weather is beautiful, my belly is slowing me down....I want to be running! Don't get me wrong, I am still running, but it just isn't the same. I am learning real quick what an extra 25 lbs does to your ability and to your fatigue level.  I am still trying tho and I am working as hard as I feel ok going considering I am days away from baby girl joining us. All of this is a long intro into this week's Workout Wednesday....we are running!!!!!

Treadmill Time:
Pick a base pace. This is a pace that you could maintain for a long run. We are going to be referring to this pace, it will be our home point.

5 min at base

Every 30 sec take it up 2 notches (if your base is 6.0 then you will go to 6.2, 6.4....) for 2.5 minutes
Base Pace 2 min
Every minute take it up 1 notch for 5 minutes
Base Pace 2 min
Repeat 2x

Finish with 1 notch every 20 seconds for 3 min
Base Pace 2 minutes

Cool Down - walk or slow jog

Runner Stretches
Hamstring Stretch: scoot your rear all the way up to a wall, legs straight up and hang out there. This is a great post run stretch because it not only stretches your hamstrings but it also helps with blood flow.
4-Square Stretch: great for hips and piriformis muscle

Calf Stretch: drop those heels standing on stairs
Pigeon Stretch: hips hips hips

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