Sunday, May 8, 2016

Finding My Sanity

After being tethered to a treadmill since the first Sunday in February I have been getting antsy to feel the asphalt under my feet instead of a rubber belt. Ready to feel crisp clean air as my legs move me through the streets. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all the treadmill runs I did get to have while being very pregnant, I know that isn't even a possibility for many mommas. But....well...I think you get it.
As I headed out on my first run/walk I felt cautiously free, I knew I had to be careful and listen to my body but I was so anxious to break free. As I headed out I told myself that I would walk if I felt I needed to, I told my husband that I would walk a lot. Happy to say, my 3 mile run felt glorious! And I didn't need to walk at all. Here are some thoughts from my run:

1) I was still very unsure of my body and looked down a lot, worried I would trip again.

2) My core needs a lot of work! You don't realize how much you use certain muscles until they aren't there to use.

3) Fresh air is 100x better than gym air!

4) My brain needs the fresh air as much as my lungs to. Out on the road I was able to let my brain feel free. I didn't realize how contained my brain felt in the gym.

5) Mountains, blue skies, and everything else outside is much better to look at then a bunch of sweaty people!

6) And soul is that of a runner. It needs to run in order to find the peace it desires.

So, 3 miles down. Lots of miles to go. I will amp it up carefully, but my heart and soul are ready to get in some mileage. I have already signed up for a marathon this fall and can't wait to get to training!

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