Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's Not My Time

It used to be that a lot of my Sunday blogs would come from whatever I thought about on my long Sunday run, then I got pregnant, clumsy and got banned from running outside after a couple falls so the long Sunday runs fell to the wayside. This week I started marathon training and with that my long Sunday runs come back, except for this Sunday my husband is out of town and my normal babysitters are not available (with a not quite 6 week old I am very picky on a babysitter). So once again no long Sunday Thankfully I am still in baby heaven and not too disappointed, instead I just readjust.

That brings me to my thoughts for the day....flexibility in training and really in life.

When I met my husband I was single and didn't have to worry about kids or other people's schedules. I worried about mine and fit in what I felt like fitting in around what I had on my agenda. When I started training for a race I would print out a 20-16 week training plan and hang it on my bathroom mirror. I would go to bed each night with a schedule in my head for the following day or even week (this may sound a bit extreme to some but realize that this is way relaxed compared to college when I would right out my schedule everyday in 15 minute increments). I liked a schedule and I was good at sticking to one.

Then I met my husband and life changed. Rory takes a much more relaxed approach to time and training. He also came with two kids, which require a whole different level of flexibility. Even before we got married he was trying to teach me to calm down about time and schedules.

Rory came from a family where time is looked at a bit differently than mine. If my mother-in-law says dinner at 5 that doesn't mean we are eating at 5. In fact, we could probably show up at 6 and dinner still wouldn't have started. In comparison to my family. If my mom says dinner is at 5 that means we are eating at 5. If I'm not there at 5:05 I will be getting a text asking where I am at.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't plan, you shouldn't have schedules. I still think that schedules and plans are very important, especially when it comes to training. You need to have a goal and know what steps are needed to meet that goal. When I approach a marathon I have a few key runs to get in each week, the days and times I get in those runs may not be what I wanted but I still get them in. Instead of doing 10 miles today I am running 4 miles to a 10k I am running tomorrow morning. Still getting the run in, just not on the day that I was wanting to.

Instead of my plan running me, I know make it so that I run my plan.

Today my schedule has to remain fluid and be prepared to change. I will admit that there are days I want to pull out my hair because I had a plan for that day and it isn't working. But if the me from six years ago was here she would have a mental break down at the lack of rigidity. I am growing, I am learning, and I am looking forward to a time when there doesn't have to be quite so much flexibility in my schedule (knowing that is years away).

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