Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Greater Reason...

Why do I workout? Why do you workout? Is it all about getting that beach body? Looking hot for that vacation your taking later this summer? I know that isn't it for me and I hope that isn't what it is all about for you.

This article posted by Precision Nutrition, The Real (and surprising) Reasons Healthy Movement Matters, caught my eye this week. There wasn't anything new in this article, but I loved the way it was written. And it is nice to be reminded what we can and should get out of working out.

"To most people, healthy movement = exercise. As in cardio, crunches, and fitness models. But moving your body is about so much more. like improved thinking, stronger relationships, and expressing your purpose in life."

Seriously folks, isn't that so much more motivating at 5am than hoping for a more rounded booty, skinnier thighs, or to lose that annoying 5lbs? Knowing that if I get up and sneak in that early morning run I am going to be able to focus a little better throughout the day....that I will just feel better. A great gym session will help me feel stronger, will remind me that I am a strong and capable individual. I had a client thank me this week. Not because she will have that rocking body for the summer (which she will)  but because I have helped her to remember that she can do hard things, she is taking that confidence and going back to school. That is what it is all about folks.

So, again, why do you workout? I challenge you to find your greater reason this week. To really take a look at what you are getting out of your sweat sessions.

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