Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Running and Core

We are working on two of my favorite things today, running and core. Running, because I am super excited to get back into running and getting ready for a fall marathon (I have some work to do before September). Core, because mine is non-existent right now and I need it for everything.

When I marathon train there are 3 important running workouts to get in;  1) Speed, hard short distances with recoveries in the middle.  2) Tempo, longer hard pushes. and 3) Long, pretty self explanatory. My favorite is speed and that is where we are starting this week. I generally do my speed work on a treadmill or at the track. There are a lot of people that argue it isn't as effective to do speed work on the treadmill, I like it because I can't slow down even if I want to.

Distance Translation: 400 m = .25 mile
                                    800 m = .50 mile
                                   1200 m = .75 mile
                                   1600 m = 1 mile

As always....warm up. Doing speed work right out of the gate is just begging for injuries.

Speed Day:
HARD 400 m
EASY 400 m
HARD 800 m
EASY 400 m
RPT 2-3x

Core (after you have cooled down):
10 Hanging Knees
10 Rotating Planks (each side)
10 Hanging L Raises
10 Up-Down Planks
10 Hanging Knees

And you are done! Now smile and feel accomplished!

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