Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Track Style

Workout Wednesday! The sun is shining and I am itching to get outside, so today we are! I love track workouts because I can enjoy sunshine, push myself, and I an take the kiddos with me.  Let the kids run with you, bring bikes or scooters and race them, and with a big grassy field in the middle you have to bring a ball or two. It is a great day and everyone wins!

I am slowly working my way back into life, so my speed sections may look more like a jog today but that is ok. My workout is about me just like your workout is all about you. Because I am easing back into it I also need to take some extra time warming up. My body went through a lot just two short weeks ago, I need to be mindful of that if I want to come back and enjoy a summer of being active.

Jog 2 laps....nice and easy here!
Leg swings; forward/backward and side to side
3 inchworms with cobra (low back stretch)
Hip bridge marches (keep your rear off the ground)
Jog 1 more lap

2 x 200 with 200 recovery; run 1/2 way around the track. Go easy for the second half of the track.
15 pushups
20 plank with shoulder touches
25 walking lunges
2 x 400 with 200 recovery
15 broad jumps
20 situps
25 sec side planks each side

RPT 2-3x

Cool Down:
Whatever you need. Include some easy jogging and/or walking. And stretch whatever your feel needs it.

Yay! Workout in the sunshine today. Loving me some fresh air!

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