Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lessons Taught On The Race Course

Today is a day for me to think about and recognize how awesome my husband is and all that he does for out family. We have tried to instill the value of work AND the importance of play to our kids. Our kids have lucked out having the ultimate example of that in their husband.

Our last name is Burke. If you ask my kids what it means to be a Burke they will repeat what their dad has told them multiple times, "Burkes are strong. Burkes are leaders."

My husband has completed multiple marathons, 3 ironmans, and 1 ultra marathon. Our oldest, Addy, was the only one of the kids at his first ironman. She was 5 years old and ready to cheer on dad. As Rory got started on the run he was struggling. I was jumping all over the course checking on him and being his personal cheerleader. Addy was with grammy camped out at one spot that would provide for multiple sightings. As we got close to the family after the first of a three loop course I ran ahead to make sure the family was ready for him. When Rory came around the corner the tears started coming, his tears. Addy was a 5 year old and shocked to see her dad crying. She ran up to him, tongue tied, and gave him a quick hug. As he headed back out Addy yelled out "Remember daddy, Burkes are strong."

 That is one of my favorite memories. It it the perfect example of Rory teaching how to be strong, how to push through, how to finish what you start. (The lesson was reinforced as he finished and then proceeded to throw up multiple times.) It is also the perfect memory showing that Addy had heard the lessons he striven to teach.

It is amazing the depth of lessons that can be taught to your family through fitness and physical activity.

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