Sunday, June 12, 2016

Running Away?

I love to listen to books while I run. I love finding a good story that I can get lost in as my feet carry me down the road. Whether it be a mystery and I run anticipating for the next plot point, a wonderfully written story that transports me to another world, a thought provoking story, or a story that is written to inspire I love them all. Currently I am listening to a thought provoking-wonderfully written story by Fredrik Backman called my grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry (I wrote that in all lower case because that is how the author wrote it.) 

This morning a line got me that I found myself thinking about for some time after, "People have to tell their story or they will suffocate." I loved this line and found my brain going in all sorts of directions with it. But what my mind really settled on is how that line could be about me directly. 

I run....this is no secret. I run for a lot of reasons, one of which is it clears my brain and is my therapy. My husband has often remarked that I can't always run, sometimes I need to actually talk. I have always just kind of laughed this off, but it came back to me today. Am I running to clear my brain and think better through life's path or am I running to avoid the path? Am I running so I don't have to tell my story or am I running so that I can tell my story better and with more understanding? 

I will be honest, it is both. What I hope is that more often it is that I am running to be able to understand my own story. I am running so that I can tell my story, whether that is to my husband or to myself. 

I know that I cannot avoid my story. I cannot avoid who I am. 

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