Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Power Legs!

The sun is shining and the shorts are calling my name, what a perfect reason to get in some awesome leg workouts. As you all know by now, or as you are about to know, I am not someone that focuses a lot on weights and specific body parts. But today we are focusing on legs with some great plyo/power  moves mixed in.
I love doing plyo work, I feel strong and accomplished when I am done. And since having baby I am loving workouts that push me to that point.

Remember, plyo moves are power moves. You need to explode through the movement!

Warm Up
5 min of Jump rope; as a kid this was something fun that you did with your friends. Try to channel that and enjoy your warm up.

Work Out: 3 sets of each sequence
10 Back Squats: this is done with a barbell. Deep and slow here folks.
10 Squat Hops

10 Forward Lunges (each leg): keep that barbell for this one. The weight should challenge you, but you also need to be able to push back to that starting position.
10 Hop Switches

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg): holding dumbbells
10 Bench Hops

5x50m Sprints to finish

Good luck and Enjoy!

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