Sunday, July 17, 2016


Why should you strive to be healthy and lose weight? Is it to fit into those skinny jeans, I hope not. Is it for your cruise next fall? I stumbled upon a great article that gave different reasons to get healthy, not the ones that I seem to hear from clients on a regular basis. Many of the standard reasons I hear don't motivate enough for follow through, so I am always trying to give more and different reasons.

Here are a few great ones from Precision Nutrition:

1) Your joints: Look, I know your knees hurt, they are carrying a lot of extra weight around. That means a lot of extra wear and tear. But instead of rushing to your doctor for a shot, or even surgery, take some time and get healthy. If you don't believe me talk to my mom. I have watched this woman lose a significant amount of weight over the last couple years, but her doctor hasn't. Why? Because she hasn't had to go back for cortizone shots or to get a knee replacement scheduled.

2) Sleep: 50% of obese people have sleep apnea, this occurs when an individual stops breathing while sleeping. Lack of good sleep effects our brain function, metabolism, etc. Get sleep! Your body, brain, and family will thank you.

3) Your immune system: fat doesn't just sit like a blob in your body and not do anything. No, fat tissue secrets hormones, chemicals, and cytokins. When we have too much fat all of these things end up off kilter and can lead to various infections.

These are just three of the reason Precision Nutrition listed, they have more and I am sure you all can think of many many more reasons you NEED to get healthy and stay healthy. It is important to find your reason, your motivation, and live each day the best you can.

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