Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Workout Wednesday- Push-ups

Instead of a full workout post today I wanted to talk about push-ups. Why? Because I fall back on push-ups a lot in my workouts, I am assuming you have all noticed that by now. And it isn't just for on here, I have always embraced push-ups for my classes, individual clients, and myself. 
After both of my babies my first challenge has been push-ups. I give myself a couple of weeks of recovery but then I get antsy to rebuild. For 1 month I do 30 push-ups a day. These start in my knees and with lots of breaks, but as my core comes back together and my strength rebuilds I get back to a solid 50 push-ups on my toes by the end of that month.
During that month I am rebuilding my core, strengthening my arms, back, chest, shoulders, etc. It is a month with a doable challenge that I know my body needs. 
So for the workout today I challenge you to see how many push-ups (solid, strong push-ups) you can do. Do them at whatever level you need but see how many you can fit into one day. 

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