Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Tabata+

Hello all....I love coming up with new workouts for my clients and my classes. I get bored of three sets of 10-15 reps. That is not the only way you will get results and if you are like me that is getting very old. My mind and my body appreciate the variances. Today we are doing upper body sets mixed in with lower body Tabata moves. If this doesn't make sense just keep reading and it soon will. 

As always be sure to warm up and get the muscles ready to work before jumping right in.

The following movements are going to be completed 20 reps 4 rounds, At the end of each round you will complete a Tabata round.

Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls
Weighted Situps
Tabata: Round One: Squat Hops 
             Round Two: Ice Skaters
             Round Three: Lunge Hops Switches
             Round Four: Bounding

Pay attention to perfect form. We never sacrifice form for speed.

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